Your hub for feminist & queer projects!

Your hub for feminist & queer projects!


Check out the games that students created in Introduction to Queer Critique at Middlebury College during the 2018 spring semester!

Featured Projects

Operation: Medical Gayz

Operation: Medical Gayz

Operation: Medical Gayz uses the format of the popular game Operation to expose LGBTQ activist and LGBTQ rights organizations to offer a critique of the scientific study of sexuality. These critiques focus on flaws in the methodology used in such studies and the politics that use these studies to argue that gay people are worthy of rights and respect.

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Cards for Performativity

Cards for Performativity is a parody of Cards Against Humanity, but in this version of the game, the goal is to reflect on the production of gender. One is not born a certain gender but rather becomes that gender through repeating, reiterating, and reproducing gendered acts. That is, this game shows (1) how gender is a verb because we do it and (2) that compulsory heterosexuality relies upon the naturalization of ideas about sex and gender.

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Toilets and Tribulations

Toilets and Tribulations is a queer board game that challenges you to navigate the space around you - unless you pee yourself first! As players "travel" through a familiar library, they are forced to navigate both the socio-political context and aspects within the physical environment that make these existing bathrooms inaccessible. This game importantly acknowledges that the bathroom is both a public and political space.


Discursive Jenga

Discursive Jenga is a spin off of traditional Jenga that articulates Michel Foucault's arguments against the repressive hypothesis. This game focuses specifically on challenging what we think of as transgressive acts and the production of discourse.

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Lesbians and Ladders

Lesbians and Ladders aims to disrupt the view of history as a progress narrative in order to challenge the assumption that mainstream LGBTQ activism is always effective in aiding the goal of queer liberation. Further, this game highlights how much of what is considered mainstream progress occurs within oppressive structures and therefore excludes many marginalized queer people.


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